Norman is a firm believer that practical experience

is the best teacher. Through his hands-on approach

to training new team members, he hopes to shorten

the learning curve by exposing them to real life

situations, and employing them to use their

critical thinking skills, instead of relying on

simple textbook knowledge.



As a part of the team, meetings will be conducted once every two weeks. This builds a spirit of accountability, and keeps team members updated on each other’s progress, and motivated to do well to keep up with each other.

As the saying goes, there is wisdom in numbers. By gathering as a team every two weeks, agents can open up their struggles, or issues they have faced in the week to the group, so everyone can help to brainstorm solutions.

These meetings are also a time for everyone to gather together and bond as a team. Norman believes a team that is united is effective, and through these sessions he hopes to form a relationship with his team of agents that goes beyond just working colleagues.

Nothing brings a people together like food does. One of the team’s agenda for each meeting includes eating together, and catching up with each other.

A happy client makes a happy agent. Other than learning the technical skills required for the job, new team members will also gain soft skills, such as negotiating, and dealing with clients.


Having good communication skills will not only help them to gain confidence in handling clients but also an essential life skill for everyone to have. Norman will also share the soft skills that he has with the team to keep them up to date with the ever-changing landscape.

Just as learning how to negotiate with a client is a key communication skill that all property agents need to master, there are several different channels that agents can use to communicate with clients.


Telemarketing is a widely used mode of business communication, and is also a means of gaining new clients. All new team members will be trained in effective communication via telemarketing, and how to connect with, and attract clients through the phone.



Norman Koh Associates provides a dynamic environment for all agents, through fast-paced learning, active discussion, and leading by example to achieve maximum growth in a short period of time.





Norman values having a direct mentor-student relationship with each and every one of his team members, and will provide personal one on one Property Sales Training in all areas, including Luxury Property, with each new team member. He uses these opportunities to get to know his team members on a personal level, to see how he can further develop them



Norman believes in leading by example, and tackles all problems with determination and a never say die spirit. New team members will learn from Norman’s experiences in PropNex, with challenging situations, and will be tasked with solving issues that crop up when going through training.




One of the skills that new team members will acquire is how to go through the process of sealing a deal. The first step is to identify, understand, and cater to the different types of needs that clients have, when searching for a property.

The next step is to go through research on the types of houses that will best cater to the needs of the client, and how to choose from the wide pool of choices available on the market.

Lastly, they will gain the confidence and know-how to close a deal, and how best to satisfy the needs of the client to welcome their dream home.

- Norman Koh


Norman Koh 
PropNex PNG Senior Division Director

Reg. No: R015193B

Tel: 90999585


480 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh

HDB Hub East Wing #10-01

Singapore 310480

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